NeOpuntia and Weight Loss!

NeOpuntia is becoming a popular weight loss ingredient because of its high fiber content and its ability to pull excess fat from the digestion system after eating. It does this by surrounding the fat molecules and not allowing them to be digested and stored in the body.

NeOpuntia is a great ingredient to take about a half an hour before each meal to help reduce the amount of fat taken into the body. NeOpuntia also helps to increase motility of the digestive system which will also help reduce the amount of calories taken into the body.

How Does NeOpuntia Work?

NeOpuntia has lipophilic properties. Lipophilic substances will bind to fats and cause a hydrophobic interaction. Once interacted the body excretes these molecules instead of take them up and store them.

NeOpuntia Studies

A pilot clinical study suggests taht 1.6 g of NeOpuntia taken per meal is able to increase fat excretion on an average of 27%, compared to placebo. It also found that NeOpuntia decreases fatty acid bioavailability by more than 28%.

Another study also found the NeOpuntia may be able to help regulate some blood lipid parameters. This regulation may help with reducing Cardio-Vasculer risk.

Side Effects of NeOpuntia

NeOpuntia is an all natural organic ingredient but that doesn’t mean there are no side effects. The side effects for NeOpuntia are basically the same as the side effects for taking too much fiber. This includes Constipation, Gas, Nausea, and Stomach Cramps. All of these side effects are able to be avoided if enough water is taken when taking NeOpuntia.

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Anoretix has a long-standing reputation in the Weight Loss Industry as one of the Most Effective Fat Burners. It is hard to compete with Anoretix, not only does it have 9 Patented Ingredients, it also comes in tow forms- Caffinated and the Original Caffeine Free. Anoretix is so Powerful,in fact it surpassed the results of Phentermine, Ephedra and Alli COMBINED! 

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